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Multilevel Conference

Conference Program day 1: Tuesday April 9

Room: Kerkzaal

09:00 Registration
09:25 Opening
09:30 Keynote 1: Todd Little
On the Merits of Longitudinal Multiple-Group Fixed Effects Modeling Versus Multilevel Modeling for Evaluating Interventions.
10:00 Fayette Klaassen
(Not) Everybody Does: Testing for Individual Differences and Similarities in Hierarchical data.
10:20 Yongyun Shin
Income Equality in Achievement among US Elementary Schools: A Random Coefficients Model with Data MAR.
10:40 Coffee and Tea Break
11:00 Claire Durand
How to Compare Data from Very Different Sources: A 4-level Longitudinal Model of Institutional Trust.
11:20 Steven Teerenstra
Sample size formulas for cluster randomized repeated measurement designs with p>2 levels.
11:40 Jitske Sijbrandij
Optimal developmental trajectory group analyses: Which parameters should (not) be constrained to accurately estimate growth mixture models?
12:00 Richard Parker
A joint modelling approach to relate within-individual variability in a repeatedly measured exposure to a future outcome, allowing for measurement error in the repeated measures.
12:20  Lunch – Poster session
13:20 Alvaro Fuentes
Multilevel Propensity Scores: An Evaluation of Findings.
13:40 George Leckie
Calculating intraclass correlation coefficients in multilevel models for count responses.
14:00 Mariska Barendse
On the use of pairwise maximum likelihood estimation for clustered data.
14:20 Short break
14:30 Alexander Schmidt-Catran
Why country dummies sometimes do not do the job. How to get the within-estimator of cross-level interactions with pooled cross-sections.
14:50 Carla Rampichini
Multiple imputation and selection of ordinal level-2 predictors in multilevel models: analysis of the relationship between student ratings and teacher beliefs and practices.
15:10 David Wutchiett
Missing data imputation in large combined cross-sectional and longitudinal data: multilevel multiple imputation and time series imputation.
15:30 Coffee and Tea Break
15:50 Alice Richardson
Multiple Imputation in Three-level Models.
16:10 Simon Grund
Multiple imputation of missing data in multilevel models with random slopes and nonlinear effects.
16:30 Keynote 2: Stef van Buuren
Recipes for multilevel imputation.
17:00  End of day 1
17:00  Drinks and conference dinner (for those who registered)