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Multilevel Conference


The 12th International Multilevel Conference is held April 9-10, 2019 with pre/post-conference workshopson the 8th and 11th. The conference will be about all aspects of statistical multilevel analysis: innovative applications, theory, software, and methodology.

The conference will be in an informal style, with much room for discussion. It will be held at Utrecht (The Netherlands), which is easy to reach by public transport (30 min. by train from Schiphol international airport and 30 min. by train from Amsterdam city center).

Invited speakers are  Todd Little, Stef van Buurenand Paul Buerkner (developer of the brms-package). Due to unforeseen circumstances, Angelique Cramer will not be able to present at the Multilevel Conference.

New for this edition is the option for researchers working with empirical data to submit posters with questions about their analyses or sampling design. During the conference you will have the opportunity to receive feedback on your (ongoing) research.