Multilevel Conference


The next edition of the International Conference on Multilevel Analysis will take place on March 12 and 13, 2024 on location in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Keynote speakers include dr. Mirjam Moerbeek on sample size calculations and professor Dan McNeish on measurement in intensive longitudinal data. A pre-conference workshop on extracting personalised latent dynamics using multilevel HMMs is taught by dr. Emmeke Aarts on March 11. Information on a second pre-conference workshop will follow soon.

A conference diner is organised March 12.

** Call for abstracts is now open**

The International Conference on Multilevel Analysis is a biennial congress that has been organized since 1997. The aim is to bring together methodologists and statisticians who work on the development of multilevel models and multilevel structural equation models and applied researchers who actually use such models to analyze their data.

The first editions were organized by Tom Snijders and Joop Hox in Amsterdam. In the 2010s the congress was relocated to Utrecht and the organization was taken over by Cora Maas, Leoniek Wijngaards-de Meij, Rens van de Schoot and Mirjam Moerbeek. Last (2022) edition was organized by Emmeke Aarts, Sara van Erp, Beth Grandfield and Mirjam Moerbeek.

Over the past years various renowned researchers in the field of multilevel analysis have been invited as keynote speakers, among whom Harvey Goldstein, Stephen Raudenbush, Donald Hedeker, Jeroen Vermunt and Jon Rasbash. Each congress was supplemented by one or more workshops on a specific topic within multilevel modelling or a specific software package.

In 2013 the Best PhD Multilevel Presentation Award was introduced to recognize the best presentation by a PhD student.

The congress is small scale and attracted between 50 and 100 participants in the past editions. It is an informal congress with lots of room for discussion. As such, it is also a perfect congress for PhD students to present their work. Of course, anyone working in the field of multilevel modelling is invited to submit an abstract for an oral or poster presentation.

Since 2017 the congress venue is a beautiful 19th century church located in Boothstraat, Utrecht, with an attractive and modern interior. This church is within walking distance from Utrecht Central station and bus stops are nearby.

Are you looking for a congress to share your research on multilevel modelling and meet fellow researchers in this field? The International Congress on Multilevel Analysis is the one to go to!