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Multilevel Conference

Conference Program day 2: Wednesday April 10

Room: Kerkzaal

09:00  Doors open
09:30 Keynote 3: Paul Bürkner
Bayesian Multilevel Modeling with brms and Stan.
10:00 Bill Browne
Developing a statistical analysis assistant for Small Area Estimation in StatJR.
10:20 John Hendrickx
Using R to Evaluate Collinearity in Mixed Models.
10:40 Coffee and Tea Break
11:00 Hawjeng Chiou
Detecting Effects of Age, Period and Cohort on Growth Trajectory using Multilevel Modeling: Examination of Wage Trajectory of 1999-2016 in Taiwan.
11:20 Marielle Zondervan-Zwijnenburg
Testing replication of structural equation models.
11:40 Justine Loncke
The social relations model for count data: To Bayes or not to Bayes.
12:00 Jean-Paul Fox
Bayesian Covariance Structure Modelling. A novel method for multilevel data demonstrated with simulation and real data studies.
12:20 Lunch
Young Researcher Award nominees
13:20 Wouter Smink
Assessing Individual Change Processes Bayesian Covariance Structure Modelling for negative associations among patients with personalized treatments.
13:40 Tessa Johnson
Modeling Student Mobility Using Hierarchical Networks.
14:00 Fien Gistelinck
Modeling longitudinal dyadic data in the SEM framework.
14:20 Coffee and Tea Break
14:40 Yi Feng
Variability as an Outcome Variable: Using Multilevel SEM to Model Lower-level Random Effect Variance as Higher-level Latent Variables.
15:00 Wendy Harrison
Multilevel latent class (MLC) modelling of simulated upper-level causal effects in observational data.
15:20 Sarah Chadwick
Experimental design for multi-level data: Improving our approach to power analysis using Monte Carlo simulation-based parameter recovery estimation.
15:40 PhD-award ceremony
16:00 End of day 2