Multilevel Conference

Conference Program day 2: Wednesday March 13

Room: Kerkzaal

  9:00 Doors open
  9:25 Opening
  9:30 Dr. Terrence Jorgensen (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Can Bayesian methods yield more robust estimates of summary statistics for two-stage maximum likelihood estimation of multilevel structural equation models?
10:00 Javier Aguilar (TU Dortmund, Germany)
Intuitive Joint Priors for Bayesian Linear Multilevel Models: The R2D2M2 prior.
10:25 Aditi Bhangale (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Hyperparameters of Prior Distributions for MCMC Estimation of the Multivariate Social Relations Model.
10:50 Coffee and Tea Break
11:10 Dr. Xynthia Kavelaars (Open Universiteit, The Netherlands)
Bayesian analysis of multilevel data from multiple correlated binary outcome variables.
11:35 Hanne Oberman (Utrecht University, The Netherlands)
Imputation of Incomplete Multilevel Data with R.
12:00 Dr. Christian Röver (University Medical Center Göttingen, Germany)
How trace plots help illustrating hierarchical models.
12:25 Lunch
13:30 Dr. Chiara di Maria (University of Palermo, Italy)
Structural multilevel models for longitudinal mediation analysis: a definition variable approach.
13:55 Dr. Joran Jongerling (Tilburg University, The Netherlands)
Robust Autoregressive Modeling: Protecting Against Bias Caused by Omitted Lags Using Random Residual Variances.
14:20 Dr. Leonie Vogelsmeier (Tilburg University, The Netherlands)
Disentangling changes in careless responding from changes in substantive item interpretation in ecological momentary assessment.
14:45 Sebastian Mildiner Moraga (Utrecht University, The Netherlands)
A Bayesian multilevel hidden Markov model with Poisson-lognormal emissions for longitudinal count data.
15:10 Short Break
15:25 PhD-award ceremony
15:30 Keynote 2: Prof. Dr. Dan McNeish (Arizona State University, USA)
Measurement in Intensive Longitudinal Data.
16:30 Closing remarks and End of Day 2