Multilevel Conference

Conference Program day 1: Tuesday March 12

Room: Kerkzaal

  9:00 Registration
  9:25 Opening
  9:30 Keynote 1: Dr. Mirjam Moerbeek (Utrecht University, The Netherlands)
Sample size calculations.
10:30 Camila Barragan Ibanez (Utrecht University, The Netherlands)
Method for sample size determination in cluster randomised trials using the Bayes factor.
10:55 Ulrich Lösener (Utrecht University, The Netherlands)
Hypothesis Evaluation in Multilevel Models with the Approximate Adjusted Fractional Bayes Factor.
11:20 Coffee and Tea Break
11:40 Prof. dr. Bill Browne (Centre for Multilevel Modelling and School of Education, United Kingdom)
Optimal simulation-based sample size calculations for complex multilevel models.
12:10 Ana Carolina Franco Castiblanco (University of Bremen, Germany)
Sample size determination for multilevel trials with heterogeneous within cluster variance.
12:35 Dominiek Vollbracht (RPTU Kaiserslautern-Landau, Germany)
Slider Scales vs. Radio Buttons: A Comparison of Psychometric Properties in Experience Sampling Methods.
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Prof. dr. George Leckie (Centre for Multilevel Modelling and School of Education, United Kingdom)
Intersectional Multilevel Analysis of Individual Heterogeneity and Discriminatory Accuracy (MAIHDA): A Review, Critique, and New Extensions.
14:30 Dr. Elif Çoker (Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Türkiye)
A Comparative Study on Health Behaviour in Turkish School-Aged Children: Multilevel Regression Models vs. Multilevel Path Models.
14:55 Dr. Ethan McCormick (Leiden University, The Netherlands)
Deriving mixed-effects models of change with interpretable parameters: linear estimation with nonlinear inference.
15:20  Prof. dr. Mirka Henninger (University of Basel, Switzerland)
Tree-based machine learning methods for multilevel data: opportunities, pitfalls, and potential solutions.
15:45 Short Break
16:00 Poster Session:

David Most – How might multilevel models might be used to characterize the temporal dimensions of doctoral student outcomes?
Joost Meekes – Modeling left-censored concentrations of many chemical compounds with true zeros.
Salome Li Keintzel – Are Larger Distractor Effects associated with Slower Reaction Times in Subsequent Trials?
Cristian Marquez Romo  – Does rising inequality increase perceived social conflict?
Daniel Ventus – How can we analyze measurement invariance of composites?

17:00 End of Day 1
18:00 Conference Dinner (for those who registered)