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Multilevel Conference

Pre conference: ‘Bayesian multilevel models (brms)’

The conference is preceded by a one-day workshop on April 8 on ‘Introduction to Bayesian multilevel models with the brms-package’ by Paul Buerkner.

This workshop offers an application-focused introduction to multilevel modeling in R using Bayesian methods in particular the brms package. Paul will introduce multilevel models in general as well as basics of Bayesian statistics. Further, differences between frequentist and Bayesian methods will be discussed. In the second part, we turn to more advanced topics out of which participants can choose. These include among others modeling of non-normally distributed variables, for instance of ordinal data or response times, as well as modeling of complex non-linear relationships each introduced together with practical applications.

Basic knowledge of R is required: use of functions, reading in raw data, working with objects and computing of descriptive statistics. Understanding of multiple regression is required. Prior knowledge of multilevel modeling is an advantage, but not necessary. Prior knowledge of Bayesian statistics is not expected.

Note that for this workshop we only have 20 places available and the room is located at the attic of the church with no elevator.  Also, as there are no computers available in the conference center, all participants are requested to bring their own laptop to participate in the computer lab of the one-day workshops.